Stonehenge- Who Would’ve Known Rocks Can be So Magical

Planning my London trip, Stonehenge was on the top of the list of things to see being one of the top mysteries of the world.  The stones are estimated to have been standing for over 5,000 years!  They are said to be celestially aligned, and a worship place for its inhabitants.  I always wondered what kind of “magic” or feeling one would experience being amongst the stones.  Stonehenge is located just outside of London in Amesbury, Salisbury.  Most people who stay in London would take a coach bus to the site.  That is what I decided to do.

We met up at the bus station just down the street from Buckingham Palace.  The bus was full, but the seats were nonetheless comfortable.  The bus rides took about two hours.  The roads were very smooth.  Didn’t let jet lag get the best of me, and stayed up the entire trip talking to other tourists.  Many were surprisingly from the U.S.  Another reason why sleep didn’t get a hold of me, was the fantastic scenery.  Salisbury has a lot of beautiful green pastures and many sheep areas.  It was mesmerizing.

When we reached the visitor center, there were many other tour buses as well.  Our tour guide informed us where to go and what to see.  There was an exhibit you can visit, a shop, cafe, and the main site in which you had to take a trolley to get to the actual Stonehenge site.  First, I went through the exhibit.  It didn’t strike my fancy as much.  It has historical maps and timeline, and videos.  After a quick walk through the exhibit, I found myself outside looking at the quaint tents they say were made by the people who constructed Stonehenge.  They looked well built and reminded me of teepees we use to create with construction paper in elementary school.  Then it was off to the main attraction!

You have to take a trolley to get to the stones.  The line was not long at all.  There were a few trolley’s coming and going all the time.  On the ride up to the rocks, I recognized the atmosphere changing.  Maybe it was “magic?”  The clouds grew dark, and it began to rain.  It soon stopped as I got off the trolley and walked closer to the rocks in the near distance.

The stones were nonetheless breathtaking as they stood at attention to the sky.  A tingling feeling swept over my entire body full of excitement.  Being a photographer, I took many pictures at many angles to capture the scenery at every angle to help map out my memory.  Just memory alone was not good enough for me.  There are tons, here are a select few:

After spending most of my time at the site, I finally decided to take the trolley back to the gift shop.  It had a lot of collectible things including shot glasses, books, and small replicas of the monument.  I purchased a cute one for my office.  The cafe had a good selection of food as well.  I bought a coffee and a pastry that was delicious.

The tour was perfect.  The amount of time we had to see everything was more than enough.  If you visit London or nearby, you MUST visit this historical site.  Take it all in, stay amongst the rocks for as long as you can, breathe in the aroma of history!  Click here if you want to take the same tour.



  1. Stephania

    I’m so sad that on my trip to London I didn’t get to go to stonehenge. The travellers i was with couldn’t understand my excitement for the place.

    Would you go there again if you had the chance? Did you get pictures from amongst the stones? I would love to see them up close

    1. Jo Jo

      Hello Stephania,

      Yes a lot of people don’t understand excitement for stones lol let alone Stonehenge. It’s such an historical site! Actually, they’ve stopped all human contact with the stones. It’s been like this for a few years now. They said there were people carving their names and such in the stones. That’s a big no no. Hope you get a chance to go back to visit Stonehenge!

      ~Jo Jo

  2. Andrew

    This is great article about stonehenge.
    I live in the UK and I’m sad to say that I have never been to stonehenge!

    I would love to go and experience it, It’s something that fascinates me. I have always wondered how they got there. In fact I think it used to be a place for pagan worshippers to celebrate the winter/summer solstice, Im not sure if this still goes on, but would probably be quite and interesting sight.

    1. Jo Jo

      Hello Andrew,

      Yes, I’ve heard something like that as well. Whatever the case, it seemed magical. Do hope you get to make another visit to the U.K and get to visit the stones!

      ~Jo Jo

  3. Kristian

    I have lived in the United Kingdom all of my life, but I am ashamed to say that I have never actually visited Stonehenge or any of the other henges.

    It is interesting that everyone always thinks of the UK as a Christian country when, in fact, Christianity was a fairly recent import into the country – well 1,500 years ago is pretty recent in the grand scheme of things.

    There is only so much that we can learn about the lifestyle and beliefs of those who lived near stonehenge at the time, but I bet they had some pretty bizarre beliefs.

    1. Jo Jo

      Hello Kristian,

      Yes, thanks for sharing your knowledge about Christianity in the U.K. That I didn’t know. I too believe that the inhabitants had interesting beliefs as well. From what I do know studying religion in college, mostly all religions are similar and connected in some kind of way. Maybe the “people in charge” know exactly what it was and hiding the “magic” from us lol. Thanks for sharing.

      ~Jo Jo

  4. This has always been a dream of mine. Thank you for the information and the beautiful pictures. The bus ride sounds like the perfect way to get there. Meet new people and see more of the countryside. Respecting history is so important.

  5. Kelly

    Stonehenge is on my list. I was really bummed when I missed it when I was in London. Looks like such a mystical and spiritual place. ALso cannot believe it’s still standing after 5,000 years.

    1. Jo Jo

      Hello Kelly,

      Right, I can’t believe it either. They must have been some very handy people back then. Not only that, but some of their houses are still standing as well!

      ~Jo Jo

  6. I really love that whole area of England! Glad you enjoyed Stonehenge – I was able to visit a couple times and always recommend it to visitors if they are in the area. Great shots even though the weather was gloomy 🙂

  7. What’s wrong with people. Stonehenge is a timeless world treasure and some idiots are carving “Bob was here” or whatever. This just ruins it for everyone. I wish they let us walk among the stones again. Maybe they could just have some cops and guards around to prevent vandalism. Getting inside the circle of the stones is supposed to be the really magical spot, but of course it’s “magic” so who knows for sure, but still the view alone from inside would be super awesome.

    1. Jo Jo

      You can always count on the idiots that ruin it for all of us! I would have loved to touch, feel, and smell the stones. But it was still a great experience. Maybe in the future they will remove the ropes and add more security.

  8. Visiting Stonehenge is one of those experiences that is just inspiring and mystical. I went years ago and didn’t get to go to the visitors center or anything while there. I would have been interested to see that! Looks like you had an awesome time!

  9. Ivy

    Glad you enjoyed Stonehenge! I’ve always wanted to visit this historical site but we passed on it last time we were in London because we thought it was really far away. I didn’t know it’s only 2 hours by bus! We’ll be in London again in 2 months for another layover.. maybe this time we’ll be able to squeeze this in our itinerary 🙂

  10. meg

    I visited Stonehenge a LONG time ago, when I lived in Cambridge. Everyone said it was underwhelming, but I thought quite the opposite. Seriously impressive! Back then you could walk right up to the thing and touch the stones if you wanted to. It’s a really neat spot!

    1. Jo Jo

      Hello Meg,

      Yes, a lot of people see Stonehenge as just, Stones. But there is a history of the stones that makes it the more exhilarating. And it sucks we can’t touch the stones anymore. There’s always douche bags to ruin it for us all. Safe travels!

      ~Jo Jo

  11. Riely

    Honestly, I haven’t heard of this historical site, Stonehenge until now. I am sad I didn’t go there while I was in London last spring. Your pictures of the stones are beautiful. I am sure it would be a great experience. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I loved Stonehenge to bits! I didn’t get to go too close to them but I was still able to get epic photos. You look like you had a great time there and it truly is a magical places with so many myths surrounding their origin.

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